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  • Outdoor Installation Services

Outdoor Installation Services

Outdoor electrical installations are a lot different from indoor installations, because they have a special set of concerns to address. While the inside of a home is almost always dry, the same cannot be said for the outside. These installations need to be equipped to deal with the forces of nature, and we know exactly how to do that.

  • Hot Tubs
    After a long day at work or coming back from the ski hill having a hot tub in Canada will make you relax and manage your discomfort. At Next Level Electrical we provide the expertise and knowledge for a stress free electrical installation process for all of your hot tub needs.
  • Garages
    Having a powered up garage in Canada has a lot of benefits like having adequate lighting for making your next project or having the proper power requirements for special equipment. We install a wide range of electrical equipment from Sub Panels, Electric Heaters, Custom lighting designs and much more meanwhile increasing your property value.
  • Motion Sensors
    Motion sensors give many homeowners piece of mind. If someone (or in many cases something, such as an animal) approach your home in the night, motion sensors will illuminate the area. The sudden bright light often scares away pests, and will often deter potential intruders or vandals from making a move.
  • Solar
    Have you ever thought about powering your home with solar power? There are many reasons why homeowners decide to go solar in Calgary. Did you know that Calgary is the sunniest city in Canada? Solar helps improve the environment and cuts energy costs all while increasing your property value!
  • Electric Vehicle Chargers
    Thinking about buying an electric vehicle? There is a wide variety of EV charging stations, whether your charging station is 120V or 240V the professionals at Next Level Electrical have seen it all. Contact us today for a free no obligation quote.
  • Deck Lights
    If you plan to use your deck for outdoor entertaining, you may have to wrap up your event as the sun starts to set. You can carry on wherever the night takes you if you install some deck lights. If you install a few outlets near your deck, you’ll be able to plug in and charge devices like Bluetooth speakers that will allow you to create a festive ambiance through music.
  • Patio Lights
    Your patio is a great place to eat dinner on a nice night, but you probably don’t want to eat dinner in the dark. Installing a lighting fixture on your patio or back porch will allow you to create more uses for this space.
  • Security Lights and Cameras
    Homeowners a lot of times want to install extra lights and cameras for security and safety. We can install security lights and cameras. With a security system, it not only provides peace of mind it also discourages intruders or vandals from approaching your property.

About Next Level Electrical

With over 25 years of electrical experience, we know how high the competition is, and that’s why we go above and beyond to make working with us the easiest choice. We understand concerns that homeowners often have when inviting someone into their home to work on something as sensitive as their electricity, which is exactly the reason that we’ve placed our personal standards so high. We won’t damage your home. We have high employment standards. We know old homes as well as new homes. Most importantly, we won’t change up the price. What you see is what you pay, guaranteed!