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  • Indoor Installation Services

Indoor Installation Services

Installation Services

Whether you don’t consider yourself handy around the house or you simply don’t have the time, we’re prepared to install all kinds of electrical features for you, even if it requires installing or replacing your wiring along the way. We’re able to install any electrical device, but there are a few that homeowners request more frequently than others.

Indoor Installations

There are plenty of things we can install for you to make your indoor life a little easier. We can replace damaged fixtures or put in entirely new fixtures in areas that weren’t previously home to one.

    • Ceiling Fans
      Ceiling fans are sometimes a necessity – especially when the weather gets hot. Sometimes, they’re beautiful decorate pieces that look great in the center of a living space or above a table. Great ceiling fans serve both functions.
    • Pot Lights
      Pot lights create the perfect ambiance. Lighting can really set a mood. Pot lights are convenient and out of the way, and they can be installed in specific areas of your home without disrupting the flow. Do you want lights above your floating counter? What about your reading nook?
    • Under Cabinet Lighting
      When preparing food or showing off your liquor collection there’s nothing better than brightening up your countertops. We have a wide variety of under cabinet lighting designs that will fit all of your needs from striplighting, puck lights, color changing lights, etc.
    • Chandeliers
      Chandeliers are elegant, and serve an important purpose. They’re a conversation piece that actually has a valuable purpose – illuminating the conversation itself. Chandeliers are often both delicate and heavy. We can safely install even the most fragile of glass chandeliers exactly where you want them.
    • Outlets
      Older homes often lack an adequate amount of outlets. Electronics used to be a lot simpler, and people used far fewer of them. Now, you have game consoles, phone chargers, and laptops that all need a spot to plug in. If there aren’t enough outlets to go around, the safest way to solve the problem is by installing new ones, rather than running and splitting a bunch of separate cords.
    • Pre-Purchased Lighting Fixtures
      If you’re looking to brighten up a dark room without installing a bunch of new windows, putting in a simple lighting fixture on the ceiling will help you get the job done in the most economical way possible. Stylish lighting fixtures lend themselves to the décor of a room, so they may become the perfect finishing touch to a homeowner who is redecorating.
    • High Speed Internet and Television
      Wifi slowing down in areas of your house, there’s nothing better than having a direct connection from your router to your computer or gaming console. We supply and install top of the line Cat6, Cat6e, coaxial & fiber optics cable.
    • Dimmers and TimersThese devices will give you better control over the lighting of your home, and may help you save on electricity costs. If it’s just a little too dim to read a book or newspaper, a slight bump of the dimmer switch will fix the problem. If you worry you may have left the lights on, a timer will serve as a failsafe.
    • Electrical Heating
      Nothing is worse than waking up in the morning feeling chilly in the bathroom or getting into a cold vehicle parked in your garage. Installing electrical heaters inside your house will make you comfortable and warm. We Install a variety of baseboard heaters, electric infloor heating, and electric garage heaters.

About Next Level Electrical

With over 25 years of electrical experience, we know how high the competition is, and that’s why we go above and beyond to make working with us the easiest choice. We understand concerns that homeowners often have when inviting someone into their home to work on something as sensitive as their electricity, which is exactly the reason that we’ve placed our personal standards so high. We won’t damage your home. We have high employment standards. We know old homes as well as new homes. Most importantly, we won’t change up the price. What you see is what you pay, guaranteed!