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Emergency Electricians

We rely heavily on our power. Some people need electrical devices to sleep – like CPAP machines. You need the electricity for your heat in the winter. Other electrical problems can put you in a dangerous situation. Flying sparks and home disasters need to be fixed right away. It doesn’t matter what your electrical emergency is – we’re here for you.

After Electrical Fires

In the aftermath of an electrical fire, you’ll need an electrician to restore your home to proper working order. You might also need contractors to repair walls or rebuild damaged structures. We can work with contractors to repair your electrical. We’ll need to check the whole system for damage. Sometimes, high temperatures can destroy or damage wires in areas that didn’t catch fire. You may need extensive rewiring.

If faulty wires were the cause of your electrical fire, the wires you have in your home weren’t safe to begin with. These kinds of fires are common in comes with knot and tube or aluminum wiring. We’ll do more than just fix the problem – we’ll make sure it never happens again.

After Floods

Water coming into contact with electricity is dangerous. Floods might cause damage to your electrical system. If you don’t know for sure that your electric was affected, you should have us take a look. If floods got into your outlets, there could be dangerous water hiding in your walls. We’ll inspect. Make sure you turn the water and power off in your home when you experience a flood or a pipe bursts.

Power Outages

There are many different ways an outage can start. Sometimes, the cause is obvious. Other times, we’ll need to take a look around. It’s usually easiest to spot the cause when the outage only affects one room.

We’ll investigate, and we’ll find the problem.

Sometimes, it’s damage to a single circuit. Overloaded outlets can cause power outages. Sometimes, it’s just a sensitive switch on your panel that keeps flipping on its own. No matter what it is, we know how to deal with it. We can get your electricity back up and running in just a little while.

Damaged Wires

Damaged wires are dangerous. They’re unable to property contain electricity. A lot of the time, rodents find their way into a home and chew up wires. This can cause outages, or even electrical fires. If you notice a damaged wire, don’t touch it. Turn off your breaker and give us a call.

Signs that Something Is Wrong

Unless you see a fire, you may not know that something is wrong. There are a few other signs to watch out for. Some of them can help you solve the problem before an even bigger emergency occurs. Sparks and smoke are always a telltale sign, but other signs may not be as obvious.

If you smell something burning, but you can’t find it, this could be the wiring inside of your walls. When wire burns, it smells a little like burnt rubber or burnt plastic. The smell is strong, and you’ll probably notice it right away.

Another sign is a loud buzzing noise. It can come from your appliances, your outlets, or right from your electrical panel. Electricity that’s working well won’t make any noises. This could be a sign that something is about to blow.

You’ll also want to check your outlet covers. If they’re white or off white and you see streaks or smudges on the outlet, this can mean something is burning inside. Brown or black marks usually come from heat, and you don’t want that electrical heat loose in your home.

What to Do in an Emergency

If there is a fire or a flood, the first thing you should do is get your family out of the house. You might need to grab your pets. You shouldn’t go back in to grab valuables or important papers that are very close to the fire. You shouldn’t go back in at all of the fire is large.

An electrician isn’t the first person you should call in the event of an emergency. If you need emergency services, like in the event of an electrical fire, call them. As soon as your family is out of harm’s way, it’s time to pick up the phone.

If the emergency involves water that might come into contact with electricity, turn off the breaker if it’s safe. If the panel is too close to the flood water, call your power company and have them send out a professional to disconnect the electricity. You’ll also want to give your water company a call and ask them to shut off the water.

After the first responders arrive and handle the situation, call us. We’ll be able to help you with the next part of the process.

What You Shouldn’t Do In An Emergency

No matter what, never touch an outlet that has sparks or smoke coming from it. This is a sign that there’s something wrong with your wiring, and the area is getting hot. You can get burned or shocked. If you know what switch the outlet is connected to, flip the switch off. If you don’t know specifically, turn off all of your electrical if it’s safe for you to access your panel.

If you think the source of a fire in your home may be from electricity, never try to put the fire out with water – that will only make the problem worse. If the fire is small, you might be able to use a fire extinguisher. If you don’t have one, you should get your family out of the home as soon as possible. Call the fire department, and have them handle it.

Dealing With Your Insurance Company

Most basic home insurance companies cover fire damage and storm damage. Sometimes, fire damage is caused by electricity. Other times, electricity causes fire damage. Storms can also damage your electricity. If you have basic homeowner’s insurance, call your insurance company to find out if you’re covered.

If you are, they’ll want professionals to come out and survey the damage. We can do that for you. We’ll write up a report of everything we find and need to fix. You can send that report to your insurance company.

If your emergency significantly damaged your home, you might need a place to stay while the professionals like us come in to fix your home. Some insurance companies will cover temporary living arrangements. If you need to rent a room for a week or two, they’ll pay for it. Always ask if you have that option.

Upgraded homeowners insurance may cover issues specific to electrical that don’t cause a fire or didn’t involve water. This isn’t included with most basic home insurance policies. Your company may not pay for the damage or repair work if your policy doesn’t specifically cover these kinds of accidents.

We Can Come Whenever You Need Us

We can come to you whenever you need us, whether it’s early in the morning or late at night. Give us a call whenever you have an electrical emergency. We know that things can happen in the middle of the night, and we’re prepared to help you handle anything.

Why Call Us?

We are experienced, certified electricians, and we’re available around the clock. We want to help you deal with your emergency in a safe and timely manner. We want to fix your home in a way that will prevent similar emergencies from happening in the future. We don’t believe in “good enough” – we want our work to last.

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