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Commercial Electrician

We understand that business owners need their electricity to be working perfectly all of the time. You’re counting on that electricity to keep your business running. Your employees can’t service your customers or clients without electricity, and outages or surges can cause very expensive damage. Don’t wait to call us until it’s too late – we can repair things at the first sign of damage, upgrade your electricity to keep it safe, and reduce the potential for electrical accidents in the future.

Electrical Maintenance

You should have your electrical system inspected at least once a year. If any problems have started, we’ll be able to identify them before things get out of hand. You may be unaware that damage has started, but we know exactly what to look for. Routine inspections and maintenance will keep your business safe, and your insurance company may request that you have these inspections performed.

Office Services

Offices require a lot of computer, and computers are a big drain on electricity. They’re also vulnerable to things like power surges. If your wiring cannot handle the amount of computers you have and you don’t have any surge protection, you’re at risk for a data disaster.

We can run new circuits or your computers to keep your system from becoming overloaded. We can also add surge protection to prevent your computers or vulnerable equipment from being destroyed in a power surge. You’re doing more than protecting your computers – you’re protecting the sensitive data inside of those computers.

Since many offices are switching their lighting, we’re prepared to handle that, as well. A lot of offices are swapping out blue toned fluorescent lights for eco-friendly daylight replicating bulbs. If you need your fluorescent tracks taken down and new lighting installed in its place, we can help you make that switch.

Retail Services

We can protect your point of sale machines with dedicated circuits. Surges and temporary outlets are less likely to happen when you have enough circuits to handle the amount of high-drain devices you use in your retail business.

We can also install wiring for things like security cameras and alarms. If you want spotlights to showcase displays or specific products, we can install them wherever you need them.

Parking Lot Services

You need lighting in your parking lot. If motorists can’t see, this boosts the potential for parking lot collisions. Some clients or customers may feel unsafe in a dark parking lot at night time. We can illuminate your parking lot of convenience and safety.

Bringing Your Business Up to Code

There are some strict electrical codes for commercial properties. This includes the installation and regular maintenance of things like fire alarms and carbon monoxide detectors to keep your employees safe. Older wiring is also unsafe in businesses, especially because of the amount of electricity they consume. All of your wiring needs to be up to code, and you need to have enough circuits for all of your devices.

We can tour your commercial property to spot and repair code violations. If you don’t get your violations sorted out, you may have to deal with hefty fines later on. The worst time to figure out that your wiring wasn’t up to code is after an emergency has already happened. Let us help you become compliant.

Let Us Make Your Commercial Building Great

We know you want to get back to business as soon as possible. It’s hard to serve people when you have workers coming in and out, and it’s difficult to work when your electrician is making a huge mess. We will never turn your commercial property into a disaster area. We’re interested in doing things the proper way, as quickly and efficiently as possible.

About Next Level Electrical

With over 25 years of electrical experience, we know how high the competition is, and that’s why we go above and beyond to make working with us the easiest choice. We understand concerns that homeowners often have when inviting someone into their home to work on something as sensitive as their electricity, which is exactly the reason that we’ve placed our personal standards so high. We won’t damage your home. We have high employment standards. We know old homes as well as new homes. Most importantly, we won’t change up the price. What you see is what you pay, guaranteed!