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We completely understand how important your property is to you. Electrical work can be dangerous so trust a professional to do it right, on time when you need us most

Residential Services

Safety first! We are a trusted authority when it comes to lighting installation, removing old wiring, upgrading service panels, smoke detectors and more!

Commercial Services

We understand that business owners need their electricity to be working perfectly all of the time. You’re counting on that electricity to keep your business running.

Price Guarantee

Up front flat fee’s, our quote is the only price you will ever pay. No confusing upcharges or hourly rates. You’ve had enough surprises already.

Emergency Electrical Services

When the power goes out, it can be a stressful situation. Finding the cause can be tricky and risking an electric shock is dangerous. Call in the professionals at Next Level Electrical immediately to determine what went wrong, so we can get your power up and running again quickly. You deserve the peace of mind knowing your home is safe and secure.

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Old wiring isn’t just ugly and inconvenient, it can actually be dangerous. Malfunctioning old wires can start an electrical fire and nobody wants that. We can remove old, unused wires and upgrade old wires that are still being used. We will get rid of old switches and outlets and help you install new ones with safer wires in different areas of your home to ensure peace of mind.


You should have your electrical system inspected at least once a year. If any problems have started, we’ll be able to identify them before things get out of hand. You may be unaware that damage has started,but we know exactly what to look for. Routine inspections and maintenance will keep your home or business safe, and your insurance company may request that you have these inspections performed.


Is your space feeling dark? If you’re looking to brighten up a dark room without installing a bunch of new windows, putting in a simple lighting fixture on the ceiling will help you get the job done in the most economical way possible. Stylish lighting fixtures lend themselves to the décor of a room, so they may become the perfect finishing touch.We can help with all types of installations.

Electrical Panel Upgrade

Chances are, you still have the same service panel you had when you...

Dimmers & Timers

These devices will give you better control over the lighting of your home...

Indoor services

There are plenty of things we can install for you to make your indoor...

Outdoor services

Outdoor electrical installations are a lot different from indoor installations...

Smoke Detectors

Smoke detectors are some of the most important devices in your home...

Carbon Monoxide Detectors

Without carbon monoxide detectors, you may have no way of knowing...

Surge Protectors

Power surges can damage or even destroy these devices. With whole...

GFI Outlets

These outlets are most important around sinks or bathtubs, where...

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    With over 25 years of electrical experience, we know how high the competition is, and that’s why we go above and beyond to make working with us the easiest choice. We understand concerns that homeowners often have when inviting someone into their home to work on something as sensitive as their electricity, which is exactly the reason that we’ve placed our personal standards so high. We won’t damage your home. We have high employment standards. We know old homes as well as new homes. Most importantly, we won’t change up the price. What you see is what you pay, guaranteed!